Business Litigation

At Anastasi Jellum, we protect the interests of our clients in business disputes and commercial litigation matters in a wide range of areas including:

At Anastasi Jellum, our litigation team has an edge in contested matters because we know the applicable law. Not every litigator can say they have drafted business documents and maintained a trusted advisor role for their client, as well as handling their litigation matters.

Anastasi Jellum attorneys understand that litigation is not always good for our business clients. We take a pragmatic approach to business disputes, putting the long-term health of your business first.  We go toe-to-toe if the matter calls for offensive pursuit; or, look for creative ways to resolve the matter, keeping legal fees manageable and optimizing potential outcomes.

More than half of our attorneys focus on litigation representing clients in a variety of industries. Our business litigation clients include:

When litigation becomes inevitable, we are ready to serve our clients. We are well known in state district court and federal court, bankruptcy court, as well as various administrative tribunals.

At Anastasi Jellum, we handle collection matters, business ownership disputes, employment issues, and just about anything conceivable that can become adverse in a business setting. If the result is unacceptable, we have seasoned appellate practitioners. We are Your Legal Department™.

Business Litigation

Recent Victories

Breach of Contract.

An individual and two entities (collectively “plaintiffs”) commenced litigation against a Minnesota bank, a holding company and a third party, asserting a claim for damages in the amount of $20,000,000. Plaintiff was a former borrower who had entered into and breached a forbearance agreement with the bank. The bank asserted its rights and was paid in full. Subsequently, plaintiff sued the bank and the holding company. The bank asserted its defenses under the forbearance agreement and brought a motion for Summary Judgment against plaintiff, seeking an award of the bank’s attorneys’ fees. The Court granted the bank’s motion and awarded the bank $16,707.40, in attorneys’ fees and costs, which our office subsequently collected through a garnishment. Plaintiff subsequently appealed and the Minnesota Court of Appeals affirmed the District Court’s decision. The bank was further awarded its attorneys’ fees in the amount of $17,841.50, by the Minnesota Court of Appeals. Minnesota Court of Appeals File Nos. A08-0463, A08-0700.

Anastasi represented a community bank in litigation against defendants alleging breach of guaranty agreement, and to set aside fraudulent conveyances. Defendants counterclaimed, alleging tortious interference with contract, and other claims. The bank was granted summary judgment for $2.8 million, and dismissed all counterclaims.  A significant amount was collected by settlement of the fraudulent transfer claims.

Real Estate.

Anastasi represented a community bank in litigation against a national title insurance company for a declaratory judgment to enforce a title insurance claim. Case was settled by the title insurance company agreeing to pay the entire claim.