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Environmental Considerations in SBA Gas Station Loans

Loans made to or involving gas stations can present the lender with some unique environmental concerns. As such, the SBA Standard Operating Procedures (“SOPs”) include specific requirements for all loans secured by a lien or security interest on real property (a fee simple or leasehold… Read more »

Important SBA Alert!

There have been changes to SOP 50 10 5(E); SOP 50 57; and the 7(a) Lender Matrix. Please reference the links below for the current versions: Updated SOP 50 10 5(E) SOP 50 10 5(E) Information Notice 5000-1273 Updated SOP 50 57 SOP 50 57 Information Notice 5000-1276 Current 7(a) Lender Matrix  The… Read more »

Foreclosing SBA 504 Mortgages

As many banking institutions continue to react to the effects of the economy, many are faced with the need to foreclose commercial mortgages originated under the U.S. Small Business Administration (“SBA”) 504 loan program. In addition to standard banking practice and applicable state… Read more »